Research Projects

Based on collected data of provincial requirements and other societies,  we analyses time trends and sector differences, perform in-depth case studies, and study challenges related to the different field of energy, materials, water, technologies and so on. Our research projects may focus on the development of tools and methods for appraisal and assessment, and/or on the decision process itself.

Some example of ended or current projects which is administrate by our academic members are listed in following table.

Title of research Administratites Organization
Investigating the Causes of Concrete Dismantling of Bampur Irrigation and Drainage Network Mehdi Azhdary Moghadam Water and sewage company
Reinforcement the first-row of gas turbine blades using nanotechnology

Amin Behzadmehr

Ghodratollah Roudini

Abolmahmood Davar panah

Ministry of Power
Design and construction of ceramic base composite membrane and nanoparticle coating for water purification by nano filtration method

Abdorreza Samimi

Amin Behzadmehr

Mahdi Shafiee

ABFA co.
Compilation of technical knowledge on the extraction of electrical energy from sea waves using nanovio-electric
Tahereh  Fanaei Sheikholeslami Ministry of Science , Research and Technology
Investigating the possibility of converting Shahid-e-Shaheedinezhad Refinery's refined gas condensate into added value products
Farhad Shahraki   Ministry of Oil
Oil Ministry