Faculty of Geography and Environmental Planning

Faculty of Geography and Environmental Planning

Faculty of Geography and Environmental Planning

The faculty was established in 2003 as the faculty of Earth Sciences and Geography, and then the Board of Trustees of the university changed its name into Faculty of Geography and Environmental Planning. Currently the faculty has the following programmes:

B.A. Level:

a. Geography and Environmental Planning

b. Geography and Rural Planning

c. Climatology


M.A. level:

a. Urban Planning

b. Land Use Planning

c. Rural and Physical Planning

d. Climatology in Environmental Planning

e. Hydro geomorphology

f. Physical Hazards

g. Geography and Tourism


Ph.D. Level:

a.  Geography and Urban Planning

b.  Geography and Rural Planning

c. Natural geography and Climatology

d. Geomorphological Geography


Workshops and Lectures:

Each year there are several specific workshops in the faculty and in the Research Week Occasion. The fourth congress of geographers of Islamic Countries was held in USB in 2010.

 List of the number of workshops and lectures are as follows:

2016: 8 workshops, 1 lecture

2017: 6 workshops, 1 lecture

2018: 6 workshops, 2 lectures


List of papers, books, and research projects:

A research project was done by Dr. Mohsen Hamidian Pour, the title of the project is:

Planting Saffron by Airoponic method, a method to comply with climatological changes. The project was successful and the first of its kind among the Iranian universities.

The lecture: Macro analysis of measurement and Synoptic of heavy rainfalls of Winter, and Spring of 2019, in connection with global warming, was held after the Spring flooding in Iran in 2019. Moreover, Dr. Khosravi has become designated as a member of the national commission of study of flooding by Dr. Nili Ahmad Abadi.

Departments and Research Projects:

Department                   Conference Papers  Journal Papers  Projects                   Books
 Geography and Urban Planning 47 257 14 11
Geography and Rural Planning 57 153 2 6
Climatology  127 268 10 7
Tourism 10 16    
Geomorphology 6 65 1 2
Hazards 1 1    



List of Innovations and Inventions:

 Designing and manufacturing of Vertical Wind Turbine with more output by Reza Soraya, M.A. of Hydro geomorphology, in Environmental Planning


There are 3 active journals in the faculty and all are approved by MSRT and ISC:

  1. Geography and Development
  2. Geography and Regional Land Use  
  3. Natural Hazards