Books Published in 2016:
1. Organizational Architecture
  Author: Dr. Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi
2- E-business
  Author: Dr. Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi, with the cooperation of the faculty members of the country
3. Knowledge management in Governmental section
Author: Dr. Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi
4. Research Method
 Author: Dr. Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi
5- Sukuk Murabaha in Islamic Banking
Author: Homira Afshon, MSc Economics



Books published in 2017:

1- Management in Iran by Electronic Government Method

Author: Dr. Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi,  Collaborating wit the faculty members
2. Management Information Systems

 Author: Dr. Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi
3. The Mobile State

Author: Dr. Noor Mohammad Yaghoubi


Books published in 2018:

1- Organizational Entrepreneurship (Compliments, Theories and Patterns)

Author: Dr. Habib A Salarzehi

2-The Evolution of the Classical Schools

Autor: Dr. Nazar, Dahmarde

3- Financing and Commercializing Technology. Identifiying Challenges and Creating Innovation Capabilities in Countries

Translator: Dr. Marzieh Esfandiari