Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering


The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering was founded in 2005 by separating from the Faculty of Engineering. In spite of being a new independent faculty, however, the establishment of its eldest department “Electronics Engineering” dated back to 1978 when 54 undergraduate students were admitted for the first time in one major of Electronics Engineering. At the moment, over 1000 undergrad and 100 postgraduate students are educating at Electronics, Communications, Information Technology, Hardware and Software Computer Engineering. We are proud of our large number of graduated students spread all over Iran and overseas. Our reputation is for research and close interaction with industries that make us not just a center for academic excellence, but also a force for positive change. Our asset is our people.

Presently faculty of ECE has 17 PhD and 5 MSc permanent academic members. Several prominent invited professors from all over the country are also involved with our postgraduate programs. As it is mentioned above our undergrad majors include BScs in:

1- Electronics

2- Information Technology

3- Hardware and software computer

4- Communications

with 14 standard labs, 2 computer centers, and 3 workshops that are used to train the students.

The labs are as follows:

1- Electronics

2- Logic circuits, computer architecture and microprocessors

3- Electrical machines

4- Communication circuits and pulse technique

5- Electrical and measurement circuits

6- Networks, operating systems and data bases measurements

7- Power electronics

Existing postgraduate majors are MScs of:

1- Communications

2- Electronics

3- Power Electricals

4-Information Technology

5-Computer Networks

At the moment our future plan for extending postgraduate majors is according to:

1- PhD in Communications (2011)

2- MSc in Control

In terms of research, the faculty is stepping forward towards bright horizons with establishment of a new center with 5 research labs including:

1- Communications Engineering

2- Electronics Engineering

3- Power and Control Engineering

4- Computer Engineering

5- IT Engineering

Our first international Conference on Communication Engineering (ICComE 2010) was held at the University of Sistan and Baluchistan (USB)/ Zahedan dated on 22-25 December, 2010. The conference aimed to bring together academic scientists, leading engineers, industry researchers and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Communication Engineering, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. It is stated that out of 100 internal and external papers received at the conference, and only 40 papers were accepted. For professional speeches and paper presentations the conference organizers have invited academic scientists from England, Canada, Pakistan, and India. Scientific workshops related to Communication and Information Technology was held on the sideline of the conference. The sponsors were The USB, University of Waterloo, Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - Iran Section, Iranian Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Iran Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. It’s a great pleasure to announce that the first edition of our scientific research journal termed “International Journal of Communication and Information Systems” will be published in 2011 accepting a selected number of the papers presented at ICComE2010.