Department of English Language and Literature

Department of English Language and Literature

This department was established in 1974 and started its educational programs. Now, it has students in B.A. of Translation, students in B.A. of English Literature,  students of English Teaching, students in M.A of Linguistics and students in M.A of English Teaching. Further, in 2011, the department decided to offer Ph. D program in Linguistics and now it has 23 research students.

The department has 8 teaching faculty members (2 associate professors and 6 assistant professors). The department conducted two international seminars in 2008 and 2013 respectively; First International seminar on Iranian Dialects and Languages and 12th International Conference on Iranian association of English Language and Literature.

Now, the department has launched two English laboratories for undergraduate students and provided one room for research students.

Facilities of Department

English Language Laboratory

Department of English has two English laboratories for major subjects to undergraduate and post-graduate students, and one separate lab for research students.