Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Fine Arts

This Faculty was established in 1993 named The Faculty of Arts and started its academic activities in September.
the same year by offering degree courses in music and handicraft;
 and a two year Diploma course in Archaeology.
 Since then the following departments have been added.
 Some courses are expected to be added to the present ones in the near future


 Major Workshops:


- Basic design workshop

- Painting workshop

- Sculpture workshop

- Photography workshop

- Basics of Visual Arts

- Basic Photography Workshop

- Geometry Perspective

- Print Workshop

- Sculpture workshop

- Analysis and Critiques of Visual Arts

- Islamic Art and civilization

- Introduction to Art History

- History of Painting

- Restoration of Paintings

- Painting: a Comprehensive Action Plan

- The design and Final Dissertation                                                 

- Rug design workshop

- Computer Rug design Workshop

- Technical Drawing Workshop

- Miniatures and Illumination Workshop

- Carpet Restoration Workshop

- Rug weaving Workshop

- Fiber Color laboratory

- Fiber Science Laboratory

- Fiber dyeing laboratory

- Rug Weaving and Restoration Workshop and ....