About Faculty

Faculty of Engineering of Sistan and Baluchestan University has founded in 1975 with admission of 86 undergraduate students in Civil Engineering. The objective was initially directed to provide higher educations for youth of the province to make sufficient manpower for the development in province of Sistan and Baluchestan in east of Iran.

Faculty was soon expanded with three other departments: Electrical Engineering (1976), Mechanical Engineering (1977) and Chemical Engineering (1978).

Department of Material Engineering started its activity in 1983 with accepting 50 students in the educational level of Engineering Diploma. As a result of the academic staff’s effort, the educational level of department was promoted to Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering in 1992.

Two new departments of Mining Engineering and Industrial Engineering admitted their first students in 2005, increasing the number of departments to seven. However, the department of Electrical Engineering has recently joined a new established Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The postgraduate programs in the Faculty of Engineering was initiated by the department of Chemical Engineering in 1989 and shortly after it was followed by the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. At the moment, departments of Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Material and Metallurgical Engineering offer MSc and PhD research programs for about a 200 postgraduate students. They are carrying out cutting edge projects, undertaking fundamental and applied research to publish their work in leading scientific and engineering journals as well as international conferences. The greatest asset of our faculty is our people. Over 2000 students, 59 dedicated academic staff and 55 academic-related, technical and clerical staff are stepping forward on the road of progress towards the bright horizons.

Academic staff of the Faculty of Engineering

Department Full Professor Associate prof. Assistant prof. Educator Total
Chemical Engineering 4 3 6 - 13
Civil Engineering 2 5 6 - 13
Mechanical Engineering 3 4 7 1 14
Mining Engineering - - 4 3 7
Industrial Engineering - 1 3 3 7
Material Engineering - 2 4 1 7