1- National Conference on Development Strategies for East of Iran:

Considering the importance of informing the results of academic and organizational researches in the cycle of knowledge generation and access to the East of Iran from multiple university centers on the one hand and various geopolitical capacities such as economic, cultural, security, national unity and regional communication On the other hand, the National Conference on " on Strategies for Development in Eastern Axes of Iran " was held on October 25-26, 2013, at Sistan and Baluchestan University, with the aim to create a platform for communication and exchange of views among leading academics, active researchers in the field of implementation and pioneers of economic activities in order to benefit Optimization of the functions of the East of the country and the realization of sustainable development in the light of a resilient economy.


  • Scientific Meetings:

Two scientific conferences with managers and representatives of the private sector were held at the conference:

1-Subject:  "Understanding East- Economic and Investment Capacities - Analyzing Business Atmosphere  to Provide a Comprehensive Model for a Dynamic Entrepreneurship System for Balanced Development and Resistance Economics"
2. Subject: "Achieving Eastern Development Strategies with Emphasis on Good Governance and the Role of Private and Governmental Institutions"