Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars

In University of Sistan and Balouchestan, the academic year runs from September to June (10 months). Some universities, however, offer a limited number of courses in summer. Students have a three-month summer vacation. All schools are closed during Nowruz from march 20 till the beginning of April to celebrate the Iranian new year. The first (fall) semester begins on the first day of the Persian Calendar month of Mehr equivalent to the first day of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and ends in January. The second (spring) semester begins in the winter and ends in June. No mid-term break exists in the academic calendar.


Academic Calendar (2017-2018)

First Semester:

  • 26 August - 2 September, 2017 Registration
  • 23 September, 2017 Classes Start
  • 10 January, 2018 Classes End
  • 13 January, 2018 Exams

Second Semester:

  • 27 January - 1 February, 2018 Registration
  • 3 February, 2018 Classes Start
  • 6 June, 2018  Classes End
  • 17 June, 2018 Exams