Department of Biology

Department of Biology

Department of Biology was started to work at 2005 with the aim of training students with the basics, different theories and applications of biology in other fields of science. This program consists of 7 semesters, i.e. 3.5 years. 136 credit hours offered in this program.

The Department of Biology also offers Master's and Ph.D. programsin  Genetics and Plant Physiology. 




Gain an excellent grounding in modern biology and obtain the working skills of a professional biologist with a USB Bachelor of Science in Biology.

In your first and second year, you gain a foundational understanding of cell biology, biochemistry, and ecology/organism interactions. In your third and fourth year, you expand your knowledge through a wide range of upper-level courses. 

The program:

  •     offers you a rich lab-intensive experience for interactive, hands-on practice in laboratory and research skills.
  •     encourages you to develop your own biology research, either with individual faculty guidance or as part of regular course material.
  •     prepares you for graduate or professional schools with concentrations in varied fields such as genetics.




The Conference Board of BC reports that careers requiring knowledge of natural sciences offer a low unemployment rate and rising wages.

Biology degree holders are well placed to compete for entry-level positions in a variety of employment areas including land management, environmental protection, fish and wildlife service, the food and drug sector, geographical survey, health agencies, or agriculture.

A Biology degree is the essential starting point for graduate studies in various fields of biology, including biotechnology, environmental toxicology, neuroscience, ecology, and microbiology.




This program is open to international students

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