Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry was established with a bachelor program at 1987. At present it offers two undergraduate programs, i.e., Pure Chemistry and Applied Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry opened its Master’s program in 1993. The main aim of this program is deepening of students understanding about chemical sciences and their applications in fulfilling social needs, improving students' confidence and their creativity in research; and promoting their skills to enable them to act as experts in the field to accomplish their further occupational tasks. Currently, the students can study in Master programs of Organic, Analytical, Inorganic, Physical Applied, and Phytochemistry.

Ph.D. programs, opened in 2003, targets to train specialists in modern and advanced research methods in order to solve scientific problems of the society and act as instructors of chemistry at universities and institutes of higher education. This program is consisted of a five year program in Organic Chemistry, Analytical, Inorganic, Physical, and Applied Chemistry.




The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is intended to equip you with principles of the study of matter and the physical world, and to enable you to apply that knowledge to real-world situations.

As part of the program, you explore organic and inorganic chemistry, as well as physical and analytical chemistry, and how they are used to solve problems and create new opportunities. You also gain valuable laboratory and research skills, including spectrometry and chromatography. As you ask questions and seek solutions, you sharpen your critical-thinking skills, and learn to communicate your findings with others.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry gives you the opportunity to:

  •     Conduct original research as early as your first year.
  •     Get plenty of hands-on practice in well-equipped laboratories.
  •     Prepare for post-graduate studies in areas such as chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science, or engineering.




A chemistry degree positions you competitively to pursue post-graduate studies in chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, veterinary science, or chemical engineering.

According to WorkBC, chemists enjoy excellent wages, a low unemployment rate, and steady and consistent employment growth.

As a chemistry graduate, you may find employment in high tech industries, in the biotechnology sector, in government laboratories, or in manufacturing. You may choose to explore unique opportunities such as a career in food chemistry, clean energy, or science writing. Or you may seek employment in interdisciplinary research or development projects, working as a team with other professionals such as biologists, agronomists, geologists, or engineers.

WorkBC also reports that teachers specializing in chemistry are in high demand. Consider pairing your chemistry degree enriched Teacher Education program to enjoy a rewarding teaching career.




 This program is open to international students

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