Faculty of Education and psychology

Faculty of Education and psychology


Today, the faculty of education and psychology is a faculty of educational science, which provides only 24 units of education units to students of the Teacher Training University of Zahedan affiliated to Tehran Teacher Training University, founded in 1353 in Zahedan.
Subsequently, in 2007 with the permission of the Ministry of Management and Educational Planning, the School of Management and Educational Planning was established in 1993. The tendency of preschool and elementary education was introduced in 1372 and in the year 1376 the trend of general psychology was added to the collection as an independent group.
Physical Education and Sport Sciences was founded in 1993 at Tarbiat Moallem University.
  In 2003, the license to establish a master's degree in educational management was obtained and the student was accepted. In 2007, the license for establishing a master's degree in public psychology was obtained.

In 1394, the trend was set in the history and philosophy of education at the undergraduate level

By attracting students in postgraduate psychology in 1394, the activities of this group expanded.


* Department of Educational Sciences
          • Undergraduate: Educational Sciences
         • Master's Degree: Educational Research, Educational Psychology, Educational Management, and History and Philosophy of Education

* Department of Psychology
        • Undergraduate: Psychology
        • Master's Degree: General Psychology

* Physical Education Group
        • Undergraduate: Sport Sciences
        • Master's Degree: A pure sports physiology and applied sports physiology