Faculty Facilities


In this faculty, each department has its own specialized library that can meet the students' needs to some extent. In addition, the library of the faculty as well as computer sites of the faculty and the central library of the University, support the students in scientific fields.

The computer center of the faculty of Literature and Humanities

This unit has been established in 2005 to provide hardware and software support for the Literature faculty.

The following are some of the activities of this center:

1. Internet and Intranet network of the University:

Activating network nods, changing and repairing network cables and dealing with communication problems

2. Installing usable softwares in the University and training and cosulting the professors and staff in using these softwares, including Golestan System, Filer Pro, antiviruses, windows etc.

3. Holding classes for getting familiar with computers for the aforementioned departments and providing internet services while holding conferences, seminars and memorials

4. Installing, changing and repairing software pieces of the computers of the aforementioned departments


The faculty of Literature and Humanities has four laboratories which are equipped with the best advanced devices including Projectors, screens, television, video etc. which provide services to the students in a favorable fashion.

The Audiovisual center is also equipped with projector, screen, television, video etc. Class no. 135 is also equipped with projector, screen, television, video etc.

In addition to laboratories and and the audiovisual center, the faculty is also equipped with advanced devices to provide services to all the majors from 7:30 A.M to 10:00 P.M.

It is noteworty that all laboratories and audiovisual centers are connected to Internet and Intranet networks.