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Engineering Researchs aimed to reach Scientific breakthroughs and technological Advances in a wide range of core engineering diciplines. Our research projects focus on the development of tools and methods for appraisal and assessment, and/or on the decision process itself.



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Education choice continues to reach a broad, global scale; and more students are keen to study abroad than ever before. In USB, most Courses Materials is accesible for the students through the Electonic Course System of University of Sistsn and Baluchestan



Transport Phenomena in Micro and Nano Scales  

Hydrosciences  and  Environment

Journal of Industrial Management systems



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Scientific Student Associantions are related to each departments and aime to deliver a sustainable academic Contribution to the Students to exchange their Scientific activities and works.



Shahid Nikhbakht Faculty of Engineering Comprises six Educational Departements ,61 Academic Members , 55 Staff and More than 2000 students.



Iran Society of Mechanical Engineering

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Iran Society of Civil Engineering

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