Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The Faculty of Science is a complete, student-oriented science faculty where research and education are closely related. The faculty aims to be an academic community with an international character, where staff members from different backgrounds can combine their talents with the common goal of being a leading faculty of science.

The research conducted at the faculty is first and foremost based on the curiosity to push the limits of knowledge and skills, as well as finding solutions to significant scientific questions, with a sharp eye for the societal impact and applications in relation to the great challenges of our society. Our research is embedded in interdisciplinary institutes with stakeholders in our society, which results in the ability of fundamental and applied sciences to strengthen one another.


The faculty is attractive to the best students in the sciences, in Iran as well as abroad, and challenges them to actively participate in the academic community. Students are active members of the study programmes and have a clear idea of their ambitions in the future. Master’s graduates and PhD students occupy significant and responsible positions in our society. This is why the faculty offers solid study programmes which educate students to become experts in their area of studies, and critical and engaged academics, with their own vision on science and society, who are capable of occupying responsible positions in an international society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Vision Statement


The Faculty of Science at University of Sistan and Baluchestan

  • cultivates scientifically, technologically and quantitatively literate learners with sharp analytical and critical thinking abilities, who can contribute positively to society and the workplace
  • provides an environment in which students and faculty identify, understand and work to meet pressing environmental, health, and technological challenges
  • is committed to experiential learning and community outreach, and multi-modal educational delivery, be it in the classroom, laboratory, field, on-line, or through independent research.


 Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop critical thinking, scientific literacy, technological and quantitative proficiency, analytical abilities, communication skills, and a commitment to global responsibility among an increasingly diverse profile of lifelong learners the world. We will do this through high levels of engagement among faculty and students, continued community outreach and excellence in teaching, research, and practical skills training in science.