Department of Computer Sciences

Computer science

In general, computer science is a study of information. Computer science has no specific domain and its importance is due to its application for solving different problems. Hence, the study of computer science teaches you how to effectively solve various problems. As its lessons are, by themselves, beyond the boundaries of computer science. In other words, this field of science provides you with tools and ideas so you can work in any area you are interested in, no matter if you are studying at a university or working in a company or etc.

Computer science is a bridge between computer  and mathematical knowledge and its main goal is to achieve the best algorithms as problem solving methods that are also stable enough, accurate, and fast. Consequently, computer science has many mathematical lessons. So mastery and interest in mathematics is a prerequisite for success in this field of study. Thus, students that are interested to study computer science, must have enough mathematical background to deal with mathematical reasoning. Students who are enrolled in bachelor degree of the program, acquire basics knowledge. Therefore, after graduation, they must continue their study if they are looking for a job.


A brief history of Computer Science Department

The computer science department was established in 2006 with the aim of teaching and researching. The department currently has 9 full-time academic staffs, 146 undergraduate students, and 16 graduate students. Graduate students belong to two programs in master of degree in computer science that are called “scientific computing” and “intelligent systems”. So far, 301 students have graduated among whom 251 and 50 have obtained bachelor and master degree certificates, respectively.