Labs and Facilities

Research Lab: No.1 ( Microbial Feul Cell)



Research Lab: No.2 ( Kineticks and Catalysts)


Research Lab: No.3 ( Membrane and Nanofiltration)


Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment lab

The laboratory of Industrial Water and Waste Treatment is a center for the students and researchers examining technologies to produce cost-effectively safe drinking water. A number of unique equipments such as a modern reverse osmosis and ultra filtration systems have been gathered in a place for study of postgraduate students. The waste water facilities prepares all the needs required for developing new biological technologies for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater and sludge. Aerobic and anaerobic technologies in particular are being examined, with the goals of minimizing treatment cost while maximizing the production of methane gas for energy.
Some of the units in this lab are:
1- Jar Test unit and Coagulation and Flocculation columns.
2- Deep Filtration Column.
3- Sedimentation Modeling Tank.
4- Ion Exchange Unit
5- Aerobic and Anaerobic Units
6- Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Unit
7- Corrosion Studies Unit. 

Lab of Unit Operation

  1. Steam Generator
  2. Double-Effect Evaporator
  3. Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column
  4. Rotary Dryer
  5. Babble cap   Fractionating  column
  6. Fluid Mixing apparatus
  7. Fluidized    Bed    Apparatus
  8. Solid   Handling   Unit
  9. packed  Fractionating  Column
  10. Rocking -  Cradle   Crystallizer


Process Design Laboratory

Process design laboratory is a place for the academic staff as well as postgraduate students to implement their process development ideas into practice and discuss the results. The students enjoy working with the steady state simulators such as Aspen and Hysis . . . 


Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Due to the recent advances in CFD and availability of high grade computers and commercial CFD softwares such as; Fluent and CFX, many postgraduate students prefer to do research on application of CFD in Chemical Engineering Design. Hence this laboratory provides a good environment for their research ideas and group discussion on CFD. This lab equipped with work stations with 2 CPUs and high grade Pc and color printers.

Process Control Lab
In this lab, industrial systems of process control is introduced to the students. The system includes different pneumatic control loops with all the instruments (i.e. sensors, controllers and actuators) required for the control of flow, temperature, level and pressure in a pilot scale. The system has been designed to guide undergraduate students through control techniques and controller tuning.


Process Control Systems Including:

— Flow Control Loop

— Level Control Loop

— Cascade

— Pressure Control Loop

— Temperature Control Loop

— Simulation of Faults