Labs and Facilities

The department benefits from equipped laboratories which are listed below.


- Thermodynamics laboratory

- Internal combustion engines laboratory

- Dynamics and vibrations laboratory

- Heat transfer laboratory

- Fluid mechanics laboratory

- Strength of materials laboratory

- MEMS laboratory

Technical Facilities

- Auto mechanics

- Machine tools; Cutting, Sawing, Bending and drilling

- Welding and plating

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  • Heat Transfer Lab

    Including these equipments: Heat Conduction Apparatus, Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus, Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger, Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

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  • Fluid Mechanics Lab

    Including these equipments: Bernoulli and Pressure Losses Set, Tow Stage Centrifugal Pump, Meta Center Apparatus, The Center of Pressure Apparatus, Low Speed Wind Tunnel, Flow through an Orifice, Fan Test Rig

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  • Strength of Material Lab

    Including these equipments: Torsion Test Set, Tension Test Set, and Buckling Test Set, Beam Test Set, Hardness Test Set.

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  • Dynamics & Vibrations Lab

    Including these equipments: simple gear unit, One and Two Rotor Toursional Vibration, Constant Spring and Effective Mass Measurement, Static and dynamic Balancing,gyroscope, Centrifugal Force Measurement.

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  • Internal Combustion Engines Lab

    Including these equipments: Steam Motor Test Set, Internal Combustion Engines, Variable Compression Engine, Jet Propulsion Test Stand-Ram Jet, Petter Diesel Engine Type PJW

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  • Thermodynamics Lab

    Including these equipments: Thermo-Electric Heat Pump, Refrigeration Laboratory unit, Two Shaft Gas Turbine, Nuzzle Flow Apparatus (Steam nuzzle & Air Nuzzle), Two Stage Air Compressor