Educational Program

The chemical engineering department in addition to accepting undergraduate students in one field, also accepts masters and Ph.D students in four and one fields respectively.

Given that the chemical engineering field is one of the higher education programs for improving the level of engineering knowledge, graduates of chemical engineering at all levels of education will be able to perform the assigned tasks for the design of chemical industry units including preliminary studies, preliminary design, methodology Production, management and implementation with scientific and technical knowledge in all fields related to chemical engineering.

Bachelor course

The BSc in Chemical Engineering includes a general group, a basic theory, a laboratory, field main theory courses, specialized courses, apprenticeships, and project. The Department of Chemical Engineering, with its specialized fields and educational planning, offers two specialized group for undergraduate students to provide the industry of the mining industry and the trend of gas. Each student is obliged to choose one of the selective specialized groups that the department is offering  according to the supervisor's opinion and pass the chosen selective specialized courses