The Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering includes a coordinated collection of educational and research activities in various fields of chemical engineering, including transport phenomena, process modeling, separation processes, fuel cell, biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc. The main focus of the scientific activities of the Ph.D. is, in proportion to the subject, theoretical, empirical, or compilation of these two, and training is a means to pave the way for achieving research goals.


List of Ph.D. courses in Chemical Engineering

 Applicants for Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering are required to complete the courses listed in Table 1 based on their presentation in the group.

It should be noted that a total of 12 courses unit in two semesters (six unit each semester) are obtained according to the field of research from the presented units.

Table 1: PhD courses


course semester Order

Course name


First semester

Advanced heat transfer - Advanced control - Non-homogeneous catalysts (heterogeneous) - Advanced fluid mechanics - Particle technology - Surface phenomena -

Special Topics (1)


Second semester

Advanced Mass Transfer - Advanced Design and Analysis of Experiments - Incremental Scale - Advanced numerical Engineering Mathemathics - Integration of Processes -Computer Aided Design Special Topics 2


Third semester

Total exam


Forth semester

Thesis 1


Fifth semester

Thesis 2


Sixth semester

Thesis 3


seventh semester

Thesis 4


Eighth semester

Thesis continuation


The number of thesis units is 24, and upon completion of the course, the continuation of the thesis is obtained without unit.