About us

The department of Chemical Engineering with about 40 years educational records plays an important role in training of Chemical Engineers in south-east of Iran.

The Chemical Engineering Department was established in 1977 as the fourth educational department at the Shahid Nikbakht Engineering Faculty. In September 1977, its activities were approved by the acceptance of 40 BSc students at the Bachelor started.

In September 1988, with the admission of six graduate students, they began their first the graduate courses were stablished.

At present, the graduate students (MSc) are accepted in five tendencies: in the (a) Transport phenomena, (b) Separation processes, (c) Kinetics and thermodynamics, (d) Processes design and (e) Modelling, simulation and control.

In 1996, the first doctoral (Ph.D.) course program in the University of Sistan and Baluchestan was established in the field of Chemical Engineering.

Now, the department has 12 faculty members including: 4 Full professors, 2 Associate professors and 6 Assistant professors.

Successful attendance of the graduate students in industries and research centers plus a large number of papers published by the students and the academic staff in journals and international conferences all point out a superior achievement of the department.