Labs and Facilities

Cartography Laboratory

Cartography of knowledge is a mapping. Since it is not possible to plot some of the surface of the earth in real size on a plate, it should reduce the various effects and phenomena of the earth to a certain extent, and this action is based on the principles and principles of cartography in such a way that users are given a small proportion And its technical specifications can be applied to the main amount of quantity. This lab is provided for the field of cartography and photogeography, in which students learn about aerial photos and how to prepare geological maps.


Mineralogheraphy and Mineralogy Lab

The microscopic study of materials such as minerals, rocks, minerals, processing products, synthetic products and alloys, has maintained its position as one of the most classic and inevitable methods of light microscopy for passing through and reflecting it. A microscopic study allows the identification of solids (crystalline or amorphous) in a non-destructive manner with a relatively high precision.

Mineralogheraphy laboratory, with the proper equipment, are responsible for conducting mineralogical studies, mineralogy, petrography, determining the degree of freedom, the manner of contamination of minerals or valuable ores with waste materials, determining the impurities associated with the identification of valuable economic samples, geological studies , Conducting educational courses on mineralogy, igneous lithology, metamorphosis, sedimentation, cooperation in research projects, academic and scientific centers, and consulting in specialized fields.

Rock mechanics laboratory

Many of the country's construction projects, such as dam construction, road construction, open pits and underground mines, are always subject to heavy rock massive operations. Obviously, determining the mechanical parameters of rock plays a key role in the design of these projects. Since field experiments are not always easily feasible and costly, laboratory experiments are still mainly identified as the main stone properties.

Mapping Laboratory

In this section, students will be introduced to the field mapping methods and work with survey cameras. Mineral mining surveys are also being conducted in the course of mineral surveying, as a visit and practical work of underground mines. This laboratory is provided for the course of mineral-mapping operations.

Mineral Processing Lab

In this laboratory, the feasibility study of mineral extraction using physical, chemical and microbiological methods for application in the industry is studied.

  1. Jaw Crusher

  2.  Cone Crusher

  3. Pneumatic ring mill

  4. Ball Mill

  5. Pressure Filter

  6. Flotation Cells

  7. Solid-Liquid Extraction

  8.  Laboratory Sieve Shaker

  9. Jig

  10. Laboratory Digital Scale

  11. magnetic stirrer

  12. Hydro cyclone


Museum of Minerals and Gemstone

Iran is very rich in the presence of different minerals. Viewing natural minerals and gems and investigating their properties and their application makes them more aware of divine power. The construction of permanent science-specialized minerals, gemstones and decorative stones around the world has helped bring people to this valuable potential. Therefore, the " Museum of Minerals and Gemstone "  has been designed and launched for the following purposes:

Creating sustainable employment for enthusiasts of gemstones in the province and country

Entrepreneurship in Gemstone

The development of gemstone science for the identification of various natural gems and artificial and alternative specimens

Advice on the identification, exploration, extraction and processing of the principle and optimal gemstones in the province

Issue valid credentials for gemstones