About us

Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1977, as the 2th educational group in the university of Sistan and Baluchestan, after civil engineering departments. The first group of undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering were entered on September 1977. Further, the group's program was expanded with two fields in Solids and Thermo-fluids mechanics. The first master program in Energy Conversion was started in 1995, and so, the groups was formally extended with postgraduate careers.

In 2003, the first PhD program in Energy Conversion was started jointly with the university of Kerman Shahid Bahonar. Later, with completing academic members, the department independently attempted to give admissions to PhD students in Energy Conversion program.

The department was extended with master’s program in Mechtronics, on September 2009, where eight students were enrolled in this field. The Department of Mechanical Engineering also received permission for student admission in the field of Applied Designs since February 2009. On September 2017, the second PhD program was stablished in the field of Aplied Designs for Mechatronics .

The current number of enrolled students in the bachelor’s program of Mechanical Engineering (Thermo-fluids and Solids) are 240, in the Master program (Energy Conversion, Applied Designs, Mechatronics) are about 120 and about 20 students in PhD programs (Energy Conversion and Applied Design for Mechatronics)