Labs and Facilities

Solidification lab

The Solidification Laboratory in  the Department of material science engineering conducts research into fundamental aspects of solidification and their application in casting of metals.



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Mechanical testing lab

In this laboratory, it is possible to determine mechanical properties such as hardness and micro hardness, tensile strength, impact strength and other mechanical properties of materials


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Metallography lab

The metallography lab has full facilities for preparation and examination of materials (especially metals and alloys) by various optical microscopes. In addition, image analyzing facility is available.

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Heat treatment lab

The Heat Treatment Lab equipped many furnaces that are necessary for synthesis of thermal processing of ceramic and metallic samples used in both teaching and research.

The laboratory is equipped by several special furnaces which can carry out various heat treatments on ferrous and non ferrous alloys up to 1200ºC under normally or protected atmospheres. In addition, special treatments can be made using a salt bath furnace for small and medium size parts.

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Powder metallurgy, Nanomaterial's lab

Powder Metallurgy,  process of molding metal parts from metal powder by applying high pressures. In this laboratory, tests are carried out using metal molds, hydraulic presses and resistive electrical furnaces.

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Corrosion and Coating Laboratory

The activity of this laboratory includes two parts of corrosion and coating materials. Using the facilities of this laboratory, we can perform dynamic polarization experiments and cathodic protection of metals in aqueous solutions.


Casting lab

This lab consists of two parts of the modeling and casting. Various tests of casting, casting of metal composites, etc. are carried out in this section.




Welding and Joining Laboratory




Research Laboratory

  • The Metallographic Lab            

The metallography lab. has full facilities for preparation and examination of materials ( specially metals and alloys) by various optical microscopes. In addition , image analyzing facility is available.

Referring to chemical analysis of each sample, the recognizing of different phases on the microstructure and the production history of the sample can be provided.

These examinations can be helpful to determine the proper production route for specimen owing desirable microstructure and mechanical properties.

  • Mechanical Properties Lab                                               

This Laboratory is equipped with machines and instruments to measure mechanical properties of materials such as tensile, compression, fatigue, and creep properties:

- Tensile and compression tests

Tensile and compression tests can be carried out with different cross head speed from 0.05 to 50 cm/min at different temperatures up to 1600ºC.

- Impact test

The impact machine is able to measure the fracture energy of materials according to charpy standard  


- Hardness test

Two hardness machines are able to measure the hardness of materials with Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell methods.


  • Welding Lab  

Welding laboratory is one of the most important and active laboratories in materials science and Engineering department

Following   activities are presented in welding laboratory:

-  Evaluation of tensile properties of welded structures according to standard tests.

-   Evaluation of toughness of weld metal and heat affected zone at different temperatures.

-   Evaluation of bending properties of weld metal according to standard tests.

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