Research laboratories are mostly member of Nanotechnology Lab Network of Iran and equipped with modern high-tech instruments.

Collaborating laboratories with the Nanotechnology Research Institute of Sistan and Baluchestan University have the ability to provide the various analyses and test services for the students and researchers. This laboratories are located in Mechanical, Chemical and Material Departments and other Departments and centers in university of Sistan and Baluchestan, which are  in close colaborating with nanotechnology research institute.

The tasks of these laboratories include updating and repairing devices, collaborating with various scientific and research centers, forecasting machine needs and future equipments for developing new technologies and purchasing the required equipment and employing skilled scientific and technical human forces to carry out various analysis and experiments.

Some of these labs are as follows:

1- Research Laboratory for Identifying the Properties of Nanomaterials

2. Laboratory of MEMS & NEMS 

3-Sputtering and nanodeposition Laboratory (Central Lab)

4.  laboratory of Lithography (Central Lab)

5. Laboratory of VSM

6. Chemistry research laboratory

7. Biological research laboratory

8. Laboratory of nanophysics

9. Materials engineering research Laboratories

10. Laboratory of SEM (Central Lab)

11. Laboratory of AFM (Central Lab)