Iran's Geographic and Planning Border Regions Society

Iran's Geographic and Planning Border Regions Society


This new society was founded in 2016 by the aim of scientific development and promotion of planning border regions, qualitative growth of experts, improving the educational and research activities in the relevant fields, conducting scientific, economic, social and cultural research at national and international levels in collaboration with researchers and specialists of the field, and at the same time to cooperate with executive, scientific and research authorities in the realm of evaluation and revision and implementation of plans and programs related to education and research in  related sciences.


In order to fulfill its own objectives, this society has established five regional offices in the cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Urumia, Ahvaz and Bushehr. Yet in order to expand the presumed activities, the society proceed to conclude agreements of cooperation with some of the academic and research centers of the country including Institute of Disciplinary Sciences and Social Studies of the Country, Strategic and Defensive Research Center of the Country, Country's armed Forces Geographical Organization and etc.

National and international conferences held by the Society

National Conference on "Development of the South East geo-political zone" in collaboration with “Iran's geopolitical Community”, 2016, November


Geographic Society and Planning Border Regions of Iran Quarterly



The workshop on ArcGIS in geography

The workshop on Assessment of land use changes using Envi and Idrisi software