Research Groups

The Nanotechnology Institute invites faculty members of the University of Sistan and Baluchestan to collaborate on various nanoscience research fields. Actually, this collaboration is divided into four research groups with the following titles:

  1. Nanostructures and Nanocatalists
  2. Nanoenergy and Nanodevices
  3. Nanocomposites
  4. Nanobiotechnology

Laboratories and services

Research laboratories are mostly member of Nanotechnology Lab Network of Iran and equipped with modern high-tech instruments.

Collaborating laboratories with the Nanotechnology Research Institute of Sistan and Baluchestan University have the ability to provide the various analyses and test services for the students and researchers.


Nanotechnology Research Institute has been pursuing a master's program in nanomaterials engineering, since 2008. Students in this field are admitted by the national entrance exams, upon graduation of the various fields of engineering and science.


Research Projects

Faculty members working with the Nanotechnology Institute carry out projects in close collaboration with provincial and national industries and companies, in the form of the research groups. Projects are either based on annual plans approved by the organs, themselves, or based on provincial and national needs proposed by the members of the research institute.

Research Journal

This journal is published in English, entitled: Transport Phenomena in Nano and Micro Scales, and is a biannual, peer-reviewed academic journal published jointly by the University of Sistan and Baluchestan and nanotechnology research institute.



Each year, the institute is launching a number of training workshops promoting new developments in nanoscience and technologies for students and other enthusiasts. Moreover, the institute vision is to establish a stronger link between the university and other academic and industrial centers. Among the held workshops are the followings: