Archeological Sciences Research Center

Archeological Sciences Research Center

USB is the second university in Iran which has founded Archeology department, and today is honored as the first university which established archeological research center in Iran with the aim of supporting interdisciplinary studies.
The Center's main objectives are as follow:
•    Research for the purpose of scientific advancement and development of archeology and interdisciplinary expertise related to archeology
•    Close relationship with institutions and archaeological departments at local and foreign universities to support archaeological research
•    Providing professional services to meet the needs of archaeological research
•    Conducting national and international research projects in the field of archeology, especially in the Indian subcontinent, East Asia and Europe
•    Holding conferences, research courses and other scientific gatherings

Contract with Society of South Asian Archaeology in India
Contract with the Kalyani University of Sri Lanka
Contract with Archaeology Postgraduate Institute of the Kalyani University
Contract with the National Museum of Iran
Establishing pottery lab in Archeology Research Institute

National and international conferences held by the Center

Iranian Journal of Archaeological Studies