Medicinal and Ornamental Plants Research Center

Medicinal and Ornamental Plants Research Center

Medicinal and ornamental plant research center of the University of Sistan and Baluchestan began its official activities since 2010. This research center has been established with the aim of utilizing new scientific solutions and efficient methods related to increase in productivity and industrial promotion of medicinal and ornamental plants in the region.
This center also enjoys facilities such as:
•    Museum of medicinal plants with more than 200 medicinal plant
•    Botanical garden in an area of three hectares with over 100 species of medicinal and ornamental plants
•    Two hectares of farm for research projects of faculty members and students
•    Proliferation greenhouses of Medicinal and ornamental plants with an area of over 10,000 square meters
•    And labs, including:
1.    Laboratory of plant sciences (anatomy and morphology, systematic, physiology)
2.    Laboratory of tissue culture and micropropagation
3.    Laboratory of genetics
4.    Laboratory of analysis and processing of medicinal plants
5.    Laboratory of microbiology laboratory

This center has conducted some studies regarding tissue culture, micropropagation, and extraction and identification of pharmaceutical composition of some plants.

National and international conferences held by the Center