Fuzzy Systems Research Center

Fuzzy Systems Research Center

This center with the aim of introducing and promoting basic and applied research projects of fuzzy systems theory has begun its activity in USB since 2005.
The Center's main tasks are as follow:
•    Holding training workshops and seminars related to Fuzzy Systems
•    Inviting local and foreign experts and professors in fuzzy systems in order to give public and specialized lectures in the fields of fuzzy Systems
•    Providing support for graduate students with research in the related fields of fuzzy Systems
•    Trying to attract research projects raised outside the university and their implementation by the Center
•    Communicating with other international Fuzzy centers to introduce Iran’s Fuzzy scientific advancees

Holding conferences, research courses and other scientific gatherings
Conducting Fundamental Research Projects within the organization
Contribution in the production of scientific articles in the fields of fuzzy theory

National and international conferences held by the Center
The Fourth International Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent Systems, August 2015

Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems,  rated ISI in 2007

x-Persian (Basic - Advanced) software
Fuzzy regression, January 2016
Application of fuzzy theory in game theory, November 2015
Introducing the theory of topology – Fuzzy, September 2015
Introducing the calculation of fuzzy numbers, April 2015