Technology Units Research Center

Technology Units Research Center

With the aim of providing services to the knowledge-based companies, this center was founded by the 2011.
This center is a local base for:
•    Attracting elites and focusing on the key elements of the innovation cycle
•    Attracting and returning the graduates
•    Expansion of developmental and applied research
•    Making connection between industry, society, government, and university
•    Entrepreneurship for the graduates

Center’s Objectives:
•    Providing the ground for commercialization of research achievements
•    Paving the way for entrepreneurship, and providing support for the innovation and creativity
•    Helping prosperity of technology-based local economy
•    Creating the necessary space for the expansion and growth of small and medium knowledge-based units
•    Production and development of marketable technology products

Design and construction of Wireless Intelligent Sensors
Breeding earthworms and production of vermicompost fertilizer
Manufacturing Pray trainer humanoid robot

National and international conferences held by the Center