Earth and Geographical Sciences Institute

Earth and Geographical Sciences Institute

This institute was founded by the aim of establishing developmental studies and planning for the purpose of taking fundamental and basic steps in identifying dilemmas of underdevelopment of geographical spaces of Iran specially those of Iran’s South East. In this regard, by utilizing scientific knowledge of professors and academic researchers in national and regional level, this institute has started its career since 2001, with the cooperation of three groups of:
1.    Exploration and resources research group
2.    Environmental planning and sustainable development research group
3.    Regional and borders studies research group.

This institute by taking advantage of the expertise of more than 85 faculty members and help of some regional executive organizations and institutions has managed more than 119 research projects in order to resolve the problems and dilemmas of Iran’s South East underdevelopment with the emphasis on Sistan and Baluchestan province.
Our colleagues at the Institute were able to identify more than 55 systems and residential complexes in areas of common winter and summer for Nomads, and with comprehensive studies introduced sustainable employment and provided the ground for permanent settlements of them.
For the first time, in the field of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism with the preparation of tourism master plan of Sistan and Baluchestan province in 20 volumes, as a comprehensive plan we were able to develop developmental strategies of tourism in our country's South East.

National and international conferences held by the Institute

Geography and Development
Geography and urban-regional provision