B.Sc , Computer Engineering , Sharif University of Technology , 1992 → 1996
MS , Computer Engineering , University of Tehran , 1996 → 1999
PhD , Computer Science , sherbrooke , 2004 → 2010


Creating Research Database under Network

Amin Rahati, - 2002

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

2020/01/21 - Continues

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Introducing a panel for early detection of lung adenocarcinoma by integration of genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics and proteomics

Haghjoo Niloofar، Moeini Ali، Masoudi-nejad Ali (2019)., EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY, 1(1).

Duplicated Replay Buffer for Asynchronous Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient

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On the optimization of Hadoop MapReduce default job scheduling through dynamic job prioritization
Lattices in Cryptography

Integer lattices have found many applications in cryptography: in proofs of security, in attacks, and in constructing cryptosystems.


Can multi-user services operate without sending all user data to the cloud in the clear? Some examples include private location-based services, private computation of aggregate statistics, private recommendation systems, private queries to a database, and anonymous messaging.

Crypto currencies and blockchains

We are developing cryptographic tools with applications to crypto currencies and blockchains. We are also teaching a course on the topic, CS251.

Pairings-Based Cryptography

Cryptographic pairings have numerous applications to cryptography, including everything from identity-based encryption and short digital signatures to broadcast encryption and search-friendly encryption.

Computer and Web Security

Computer security research explores architectures that improve software security and enhances our understanding of attack strategies. Our research covers SSL and TLS, Web security, and areas of operating systems security.

Bulletproofs: Short Proofs for Confidential Transactions and More
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Prio: Private, Robust, and Scalable Computation of Aggregate Statistics
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Order-Revealing Encryption
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Balloon Hashing: Memory-Hard Password Hashing
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PowerSpy: Location Tracking using Mobile Device Power Analysis
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Riposte: An Anonymous Messaging System Handling Millions of Users
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Gyrophone: Recognizing Speech from Gyroscope Signals
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PORTIA: Managing sensitive information in a wired world
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Location privacy
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Identity Based Encryption email system (IBE secure email)

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The ITTC project: Intrusion tolerance via threshold cryptography
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