Loan Section

Loan Section

The identity of each library is known to the users by providing its services. All library activities are carried out to provide services to users, and the most important part is lending department. The main task of this department is to accept membership in the central library and provide lending services of non-reference books (Persian and Latin books), which provide services at two shifts, morning and afternoon from 8 am to 7 pm.

This unit is located on the first floor of the Central Library, with two central desk offices (located in the central library building) and one adabiat circulation desk (in the adabiat  college) with two separated reservoirs. Membership in this library is carried out by this section and includes (faculty members, university staff, all university students and all members of the Ghadir project of other universities affiliated to the Ministry of Science). This section is managed as a closed reservoir and only faculty members and post-graduate students are allowed to enter the reservoir. Postgraduate students can directly access to the shelves from 12:30 to 13:30 and look for the resources they need and after retrieving, studying it, or borrowing if necessary. Also, undergraduate students can use open repository once per semester. In this section, there are 30 specific devices (Thin client) for searching the books.


Duties related to this unit:

.1Membership of new members and registration of their information

2.Deliver the book to members and register it in the system

3.Registration of returned books

4.Replacing returned books in the repository

5 .Clearance accounts with members


All of these activities are done computer-aided using Simorgh software. Other features of this software in circulation section include:

1 .Ability to search, book and renew resources through the Internet

2 .Consider the status of the members via the Internet

3 .Detailed and detailed statistical reports (number of bookings, number of circulation ...) of all affairs

4 .Inform the members by e-mail about book reservations, delayed loans, reduced financial credentials of members, the end of the membership period.