Announcement: The list of 8 Selected USB-PSF Joint Research Proposals

Announcement: The list of 8 Selected USB-PSF Joint Research Proposals

University of Sistan and Baluchestan (USB) and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) are delighted to declare the eight selected project proposals, which has been agreed between scientific governing bodies of Iran and Pakistan as the result of the Programme of Cooperation agreed on May 2016. The call was opened in November 2016 for joint research proposals, refereed in March 2017 and the final approved projects are listed as the following including the respected scientists from the both countries.


Project Title

Pakistani Scientist

Iranian Scientist


Manufacturing a multifunctional sensor based on doped Zinc oxide nanorod array for UV light and gas sensing

Dr. Awais Ali,

COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology (CIIT) Islamabad, Pakistan

Dr. Marjan Rajabi

Department of Advanced materials and Renewable Energy, IROST



Design and fabrication of a small wind turbine for operation in low wind speed regions

Salman Saleem,  

National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences 

Abolfazl Pourrajabain,

Material and Energy Research Center (MERC),



Development of Highly selective sensor for on-site detection of arsenic (V) in Water Bodies

Dr. NajmaMemon,

University of Sindh,


Farideh Hosseini Narouei,

University of Zabol,.



Monitoring Take Advantage of some Range Land halophyte species as forage in saline regions of Iran and Pakistan.

Dr. Nudrat Aisha Akram,

University Faisalabad.


Agricultural Research, Education and Extension organization, Yazd,


Exploring novel P 450 enzymesin the Alcanivoraxspp for Bioremediation

Dr. Amir Shahzad,

University of Science and Technology, Khyber

Dr. ZarrinMinuchehr, Dr. BijanBambai

Genetic Engineering and a Biotechnology (NIGEB),


Detection of land cover changes in Baluchistan (Shared b/w Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan) using Satellite Remote Sensing Products

Safdar Ali Shirazi

University of Punjab, Quaid-e-zam


Peyman Mahmoodi,

University of SistanBaluchestan, Iran


Electromembrane extraction of the pharmaceuticals from water and biological samples

Dr. M. Balal,

Abdul Wali Khan University

Pof. Dr. Yadullah Yamini

Tarbiat Modares University



Design and Implementation of Solar-Wind Hybrid System for Rural Communities of Pakistan and Iran with the emphasis on Energy Efficiency

Dr. Syed Muhammad RazaKazmi 

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Saeed Rahgozar,

Materials and Energy research Centre

(MERC), Karaj, Iran


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