Dr Sasan Bagheri Participation in an International Conference

Dr Sasan Bagheri Participation in an International Conference

Dr. Sasan Bagheri, an assistant professor of geology at the department of geology, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, participated at the International workshop  on Structural Geology and Global Tectonics in Trabzon, Turkey, April 24-26, 2019.

A Brief report on the international workshop:

Our planet, the Earth, is composed of several lithospheric plates in its outer layer including crust and rigid uppermost section of the mantle that moves relative to each other. This movement is responsible for most geologic events such as magmatism, metamorphism, the opening and closing of oceans, collisions of continent, mountain building and earthquakes.  The details of how these tectonic plates formed, developed and evolved through the geologic time are controversial scientific topics especially in today's word. The organized committee of the Trabzon workshop could manage several outstanding presentations that were introduced by several well-known specialist from different high-level universities of the world in fields of structural geology, global tectonics, petrology, mantle geodynamics and lithosphere evolution.

I presented the result of my long-time, multi-purposes research on tectonic evolution of the Eastern Iranian orogeny in the form of new hypothesis of "the Eastern Iranian Orocline" by a poster presentation. This hypothesis is trying to explain how the Eastern-Iranian ranges developed through the late-Cretaceous-Paleogene geologic time and how it formed and then deformed during a syn- to post-oroclinal bending. We suppose that this hypothesis can better explain most of the unsolved problems associated with geodynamics of the Sistan Suture Zone and find distinct and legal relations between the structural framework of the ranges and its magmatism, metamorphism and sedimentary evolution.

I briefly mention to some of the most achievements of this scientific journey.

First, I got familiar with the most of newest ideas and theories discussed between scientists around several interesting structural geology and plate tectonics topics.

Second, I could directly deliberate and share my ideas with several famous scientists about the Orocline, discuss on my poster, and receive several beneficial comments and supports.

Third, I could achieve to receive the attention of two scientists to analytically support my project, one in field of paleo-magnetic analyses and the next in field of geochronological dating. Both of these analyses do not accomplish in Iran.

Forth, like all of international meetings, Trabzon was a pleasant opportunity to acquaint with language, accents and culture of different people and share them our culture, humanity and peace.

All of these benefits was owed to all supports and helps of the Research and technology administration of our University, especially its administrator, Dr. M. Kordi. Hereby, I heartily appreciated him and his team and I hope this meeting could be a proper frame for future publications.

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