B.Sc , Geology , University of Isfahan , 1986 → 1990
MS , Geology-Petrology , University of Isfahan , 1991 → 1994
PhD , Tectonics , University of Laussane , 2001 → 2007


Petrology of Siahjangal ophiolite, Northeastern Taftan volcano, Southeast of Iran

26 th symposum of crystallography and minerology

Habib Biabangard, Sasan Bagheri, - 1397/11/03

Amount and mechanism of shortening in the Eocene carbonate platform, Northwest Birjand

The 4th National Geology and Mining Explorations Symposium

Mahbubeh Yaghoubi, Sasan Bagheri - 1397/09/15

Using ISOCON method in the study of the Lar Cu-Mo deposit alterations, North of Zahedan

دهمين همايش ملي انجمن زمين شناسي اقتصادي ايران

Rahele Moradi, Mohammad Boomeri, Sasan Bagheri - 1397/06/14

Geology and Petrology of East Semsour plain ophiolitic melange, south east of Iran

25th symposuiom of crystallograghy and mineralogy of Iran

JALIL AHMED KARIMZAI, Habib Biabangard, Sasan Bagheri - 1396/11/04

Significance of study of deformational structure in ornamental stone extraction; A case study on Aska Mine,ShahKuh Nehbandan


Mojtaba Asadi, Sasan Bagheri - 1396/09/29

Turquoise of Neyshabour: a revealed from north of Gondwana


Sasan Bagheri, zahra mokhtari, - 1396/07/25

Structural Transformations of Volcano-Plutonic Complex of Mahirud, East of Iran

The 4th national congress of geosciences and structural geology of Iran

Sasan Bagheri - 1395/09/23

The post metamorphism Deformations in Sirjan Orocline Southeast of Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone

4th National symposium of tectonics and structural geology of Iran

, Sasan Bagheri, Abdolreza Partabian, sh d - 1395/09/23

Sirjan arc-shaped mega-structure in southeast and discussion on its origin

19th symposium of the Geological Society of Iran

, Sasan Bagheri, Abdolreza Partabian - 1394/09/26

The Study Mineralogy and Economic Potential of Chahar Farsakh Metamorphic Belt

7th economic geology Conferance

, , Habib Biabangard, Sasan Bagheri - 1394/06/18

Using RS and DEM data for detection and

7th Symposium of Economic Geology

Mohammad Enghiadi, Mohammad Boomeri, Sasan Bagheri - 1394/06/18

The formation and growth of andalusite porphyroblast Compare nucleation rate and growth

7th National Conference of Iranian Society of Economic Geology

, , Habib Biabangard, Sasan Bagheri - 1394/06/18

Khur Platform Tectonic evolution of a part of the Neo-Tethyan back-arc basin in Central Iran

7th Swiss Geoscience Meeting Structtural Geology Tectonics and Geodynamics session Neuchatel Switzerland

Sasan Bagheri, G. M Stampfli, P Moix, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi - 1387/10/12

Anticlockwise rotation of the centeral-East Iranian microcontinent and the Eurasia-India collision

33rd International Geological Congress

Sasan Bagheri - 1387/05/11

Anticlockwise rotation of the Central-East IAnticlockwise rotation of the Central-East Iranian Microcontinent and the Eurasia India Collisia

33rd International Geological Congress

Sasan Bagheri - 1387/05/11

K-rich magmatism in the Sistan Suture Zone of Eastern Iran Re-emphasis on postcollisional event

The IGS 453 conference on Collisional Orogens in Sion Switzerland

Sasan Bagheri, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi - 1380/10/11

The Shoshonitic Lamprophyric Magmatism in the region of Sistan Suture Zone East Iran

the 20th congress of Earth Sciences GSI Tehran Iran

Sasan Bagheri, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi - 1379/10/12


Investigation of north Zahedan magmatism and its relation to mineralization

Sasan Bagheri - 2000

Exploration project of Zeolit group minerals in Lar - Hormak regions ( Zahedan_ Zabol road)

Sasan Bagheri - 1997

Presentation of Sirjan arc-shaped mega- stucture in southeast of the sananday - sirjan zone and discussion on its origin

فريبا مرشدي نودژ , [ Sasan Bagheri, Abdolreza Partabian ]
نيمسال اول سال تحصيلي94-93


Tectonic Evolution, Collision, and Seismicity of Southwest Asia: In Honor of Manuel Berberian’s For

Sasan Bagheri, , - Geological Society of America Special - 2016

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