B.Sc , General Psychology , Sistan and Baluchestan University , 1999 → 2003
MS , General Psychology , University of Tehran , 2003 → 2005
PhD , Psychology , Aligarh Muslim University , 2006 → 2009


The Impact of Socio - demographic Variable on Self-Esteem of Students

1st international conference on applied psychology

Bahman Kord Tamini, Farhad Kahrazei - 1394/12/13

the effectivness of problem solving skills training on anxiety reduction and make efficient coping skills among referred students to counseling centre

1st international confrence applied psychology

Farhad Kahrazei, Bahman Kord Tamini - 1394/12/13

Effects of the Hindsight Bias on Evaluation of Auditors Decisions

13th Iranian National Cpnference on Accounting

Ahmad Nasseri, , Bahman Kord Tamini - 1394/02/31

A Comparative Study on the Relationship of Job Satisfaction with Quality of Work Life and Emotional

Bahman Kord Tamini -

Presence of Lawer in the stages of Judgement and Its Impression in Prevention of Occurrence of the Crim

زهرا نامجو , [ Amirhazeh Salarzaee, Bahman Kord Tamini ]
نيمسال اول سال تحصيلي 92-91

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