B.Sc , Governmental Management , Sistan and Baluchestan University , 2001 → 2005
MS , Management Methodology and System , Allameh Tabatabayi Uni , 2005 → 2008
PhD , Public Administration - Policy Making , University of Tehran , 2008 → 2013


Exploring the Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Factors in the Creation of New Ventures

The First National Conference on New Approaches of Management in Interdisciplinary Studies

Somayeh Abbaspour, Mehdi Zivdar, Abdolmajid Imani - 1399/01/28

1 - Fateme Gomroki, Abdolmajid Imani, Mehdi Zivdar, An Investigation of Organizational Ambidexterity Moderator Role in the Relationship between the Open Innovation and Entrepreneurial Orientation in Active Small & Medium Size Enterprises in (SME) Industrial Zone, Zahedan , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2021) 13 205-230
2 - Abdolmajid Imani, Nour mohammad Yaqhoubi, Fatemesadat Amidi, Farahnaz Ahang, tructural Equation Modeling for Dimensions and Components of Green Human Resource Management of Firms Located in Birjand Industrial Town , پژوهشنامه مديريت تحول. (2021) 12 131-160
3 - Farahnaz Ahang, Abdolmajid Imani, Nour mohammad Yaqhoubi, Exploring the Antecedents and Consequences of Community-Based Drug Fight: A Mixed Approach , اعتياد پژوهي. (2021) 15 33-66 View Paper
4 - Farahnaz Ahang, Abdolmajid Imani, Nour mohammad Yaqhoubi, cenario writing Key factors affecting social participation in community-based organizations for addiction prevention , مطالعات توسعه اجتماعي - فرهنگي. (2020) 9 113-142
5 - Sara Masarat, Abdolmajid Imani, The Study of the Effect of Social Responsibility on Organizational Reputation with an attention on the Mediator of Social Trust (A study Of The City of Bam Utomoil Factury Modiran Khodro Company) , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2020) 12 227-254
6 - Sadegh Khazaei asl, Baqer Kord, Abdolali Keshtegar, Seyed Aligholi Rowshan, Abdolmajid Imani, The Role of Trust-Based Relationships Components in Predicting the Coaching Optimal Culture Components (Case Study: Sistan and Baluchestan Province Electric Power Company) , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2019) 12 31-58
7 - Abdolmajid Imani, Maryam Rashki, Farahnaz Ahang, Golbahar Pouranjenar, zaynab bakhteyari, dentifying effective strategies to support Iranian goods with an economic approach (using the statements of Ayatollah Khamenei) , مطالعات راهبردي بسيج. (2018) 21 5-30
8 - Seyed Ali Davoudi, Nour mohammad Yaqhoubi, Abdolmajid Imani, Designing a Comprehensive Model of Talent Identification and Replacement of the Higher Education System in Sistan and Baluchestan Province , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2018) 10 251-276
9 - Abdolmajid Imani, , Farahnaz Ahang, Impact of Social Networks on Digital Entrepreneurship with the Role of Mediating Opportunity Recognition (Case Study: Knowledge Base Companies at Technology and Science Park in Kerman) , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2018) 11 287-312
10 - Abdolmajid Imani, , , he effect of social networks on the development of digital entrepreneurship in knowledge-based companies , مطالعات مديريت كسب و كار هوشمند. (2018) 6 1-22
11 - Abdolmajid Imani, Nour mohammad Yaqhoubi, , Identification and Prioritization of the Cooperative Sectors Policies of Entrepreneurship Development , توسعه كارآفريني. (2017) 10 21-39
12 - Abdolmajid Imani, Monire Salehnia, , A Study of the Effect of Linguistic Justice of Organizations Managers on Social Capital by Intermediate Variable of the Trust Mediation (case study Administration of South Khorasan province) , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2017) 10 299-326
13 - Seyed Ali Davoudi, Nour mohammad Yaqhoubi, , Abdolmajid Imani, Identifying and explaining components and factors affecting on Talent fostering and , راهبرد اجتماعي- فرهنگي. (2017) 6 235-261
14 - Abdolmajid Imani, , Customers Clustering Based on RFM Model by Using Fuzzy C-means Algorithm(Case Study Zahedan City Refah Chain Store) , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2017) 10 251-276
15 - Abdolmajid Imani, Habibollah Salarzehi, , Identifying and Prioritizing the Affective Factors of Institutionalizations Dimensions executive Organizational Entrepreneurship (A study The city of Bam automobiles Factory Kerman motor company) , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2016) 9 123-144
16 - Abdolmajid Imani, , The Conceptual model of Competence Human Resourse Managers within the Value System of Islam , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2016) 9 191-221
17 - Saber Falah, Seyed Hamidreza Razavi, Abdolmajid Imani, Saieed Emamgholizade, Identifying and Ranking the Green Productivity Strategy Components by FAHP Approach (Tehran Subway Organization) , پژوهش هاي مديريت عمومي. (2015) 8 167-191