B.Sc , Clinical Psychology , Shahed University , 1993 → 1997
MS , Psychology , Tarbiat Modares University , 1998 → 2001
PhD , Psychology , Shahid Beheshti University , 2006 → 2011


The effectiveness of art therapy education on reducing social panic and mental health in schizophrenic patients

اولين همايش ملي آسيب شناسي رواني

Farhad Kahrazei, fatemeh karbalae harfate, haniye nobakht, fateme kahaki - 1399/09/26

Effectiveness of self-hypnosis training on Mental Health and Strategies for Coping with Stress in Women with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

The first asian hypnosis congress

zobair samimi, babak zarkeshvari, Farhad Kahrazei, zahra moghanizadeh - 1398/07/23

Evaluate the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy in reducing chest pain in patients with mitral valve prolapse

world concil for psychotherapy/asian feseration

abdolrahim jamshidzehishabaksh, Farhad Kahrazei - 1397/02/23

the effectivness of problem solving skills training on anxiety reduction and make efficient coping skills among referred students to counseling centre

1st international confrence applied psychology

Farhad Kahrazei, Bahman Kord Tamini - 1394/12/13

The impact of socio-demographic variabe on self steem of students

1st International Conference on Applied Psychology

Bahman Kord Tamini, Farhad Kahrazei - 1394/12/13

The Impact of Socio - demographic Variable on Self-Esteem of Students

1st international conference on applied psychology

Bahman Kord Tamini, Farhad Kahrazei - 1394/12/13


Cross-cultureal Study of the Relationship between Emotional Self-regulation and phobia and Suppresse

Farhad Kahrazei, N.K Chada - 2017

Farhad Kahrazei, , - 2003


آسيب شناسي روابط والد-نوجوان( روش ها، فنون و مهارت هاي كاربردي)

Farhad Kahrazei - انتشارات گلبانگ تربيت - 2015

آسيب شناسي روابط والد-نوجوان(مفاهيم، نظريه ها و آسيب ها)

Farhad Kahrazei - انتشارات گلبانگ تربيت - 2015

1394/07/01 - Continues

معاون آموزشي دانشكده علوم تربيتي و روانشناسي

1393/07/01 - 1394/06/20

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