B.Sc , Physical Education and Sport Science , Guilan University , 1987 → 1991
MS , Physical Education and Sport Science , University of Isfahan , 1996 → 1999
PhD , Physical Education and Sport Science , Bu-Ali Sina University , 2010 → 2015


The effect of 6 weeks of aerobic and combined training on BMI and serum homocysteine ??levels in obese women in Zahedan

اولين همايش بين المللي ورزش و توسعه پايدار

Reza Delavar, Mortaza Nikoofar, Bahareh Bazzy - 1398/08/01

The Effect of 1 and 18 Sessions of intense periodic exercise and Consumption of grape seed extract on the level of tumor necrosis factor in non-athlete girls

The National Conference of Physical Education, Nutrition and Sport Medicine

Elahe Barzgari, Reza Delavar - 1398/06/28

Effect of Combined Training(Resistance and Endurance)on Serum Levels of Irisin and BMI in Young and Overweight Women

3rd International Conference on Applied Research in Physical Education, Sport and Athletic Science

Reza Delavar, Sadegh Cheragh Birjandi, Maryam Hosseini - 1397/11/04

Effect of Flaxseed and 6 Weeks Endurance Training on Lipid Parameters in Overweight Non-Athletes Women.

The 4th National Conference on Sport Sciences and Physical Education of Iran

Somayeh Tarakmeh, Reza Delavar - 1397/02/26

Effect of Flaxseed and 6 Weeks of Endurance Training on Blood Pressure Parameters in Overweight Non-Athletes Women.

2nd International Conference on Applied Research in Physical EducationSports and Athletic Science

Somayeh Tarakmeh, Reza Delavar - 1396/08/25

Response of Apelin and pain threshold to Resistance Exercise in Wistar Rats

3rd. International Conference on Sport Sciences

Reza Delavar - 1395/10/08


An Investigation of Spending the leisure time of the Students of Sistan and Balouchestan University

Reza Delavar - 2000

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