B.Sc , Geology , Ferdowsi University of Mashhad , 1983 → 1988
MS , Geology , Ferdowsi University of Mashhad , 1988 → 1992
PhD , Geology , Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman , 2008 → 2012


Systematic determination of Some Alveolina Species in the Oligo-Miocene Conglomerates of Hormak Section (South Eastern of Iran)

دوازدهمين همايش انجمن ديرينه شناسي ايران

Reza Moezzi nasab, Mohammad Nabi Gorgij, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi - 1397/12/16

Benthic Foraminifiers Systematic Identification of the Baghmeshah Formation in Kamar-e-Mahdi Section, Southwest of Tabas Block

The 4th National Geology and Mining Explorations Symposium

, Maryam Zavosh, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi, Mostafa Ghomashi - 1397/09/15

Khur Platform Tectonic evolution of a part of the Neo-Tethyan back-arc basin in Central Iran

7th Swiss Geoscience Meeting Structtural Geology Tectonics and Geodynamics session Neuchatel Switzerland

Sasan Bagheri, G. M Stampfli, P Moix, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi - 1387/10/12

K-rich magmatism in the Sistan Suture Zone of Eastern Iran Re-emphasis on postcollisional event

The IGS 453 conference on Collisional Orogens in Sion Switzerland

Sasan Bagheri, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi - 1380/10/11

The Shoshonitic Lamprophyric Magmatism in the region of Sistan Suture Zone East Iran

the 20th congress of Earth Sciences GSI Tehran Iran

Sasan Bagheri, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi - 1379/10/12

1 - Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi, Ali asqar Moridi farimani, Reza Moezzi nasab, Study and nomenclature of sandstone-conglomerate unit in the Nosrat-Abad area, northwest of Zahedan, علوم زمين. (2019) 28 201-208
2 - NARGES EDALATIMANESH, Sasan Bagheri, Mostafa Ghomashi, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi, Evidences on the presence of Jurassic continental rift system in the Tabas Block, Tectonics. (2018) 2 37-44
3 - Habib Biabangard, , Aliasghar Moridi, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi, Petrography, geochemistry and tectono-magmatic setting of the dykes of the north and the west of Zahedan (Southeast Iran), پترولوژي. (2017) 8 147-164
4 - Moein Daryapeyma Hormozi, Habib Biabangard, Sasan Bagheri, Mahammad Reza Bakhshi Mohebbi, Conodont biostratigraphy of the Permian- Triassic boundaryin the Baghuk Mountain section northwest of Abadeh, علوم زمين. (2016) 99 227-238