University of Sistan and Baluchestan

تاریخ: 06 November 2018

Friendly Meeting with the First Group of Overseas Students

A friendly meeting with the first group of overseas students was held in the University of Sistan and Baluchestan on November 3rd, 2018. 
First a report was given by Dr. M.R. Ghasemi, the director of International Academic Affairs Office, of the procedure through which the first group of overseas students officially got enrolled at the USB. 
Reported by USB public relations office, Dr. Bandani denoted the cultural background and ties between Iran and Afghanistan, and mentioned: in the past years the vast province of Sistan and Baluchestan has been hosting a large number of Afghan immigrants all through the north to the south of the province. Throughout the years they have contributed to the economy of the province and their own welfare by being very hard working in different fields. 
Expressing his satisfaction of the presence of the overseas students in USB, Dr. Bandani elaborated that the friendly ties and diplomacy between the two countries of Iran and Afghanistan are increasing, hoping that the academic ties between the students and professors of the two nations increase as well.
The chancellor of the university added that the infrastructure of the university is not limited to its green environment, rather there are other necessary facilities such as IT infrastructure, with a 700 Mbps bandwidth for 30 dormitories provided through the wireless cloud. 
He named the data center, APA, the center of High Performance Computing, dorm facilities with high standards for 6-7 thousand students, well-equipped library with Persian-English books and journals, data centers, modern refectory, green-houses, well-equipped central laboratory, and The Technology Incubator Center of USB, as advantageous facilities of USB.
Dr Bndani elaborated on the future approaches of the university, believing that graduate students must not limit their horizons to receiving a mere license but must creatively run start-ups connected to Scientific and Technological Parks, and be able to convert their ideas into product and wealth. 
He said we try to improve the ranking of the university along with other universities, thus we effort to attract overseas students from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Oman, and develop fields and research centers and establish constructive global academic ties.
Finally, he expressed hope that the overseas students graduate successfully in due time, and return to their countries with lots of knowledge and experience and be constructive there. 
It needs to be mentioned that Hojat Al Eslam Sadeghi the representative of the Supreme Leader Organization in the university also expressed his views and gratitude of the event and Mr. Mohamad Asef Azar, representative of the Afghan students expressed his gratitude of USB.