University of Sistan and Baluchestan

تاریخ: 13 October 2018

Dr Omid Zabeti's Participation in an International Conference

Dr. Omid Zabeti, assistant professor of mathematics at the department of mathematics, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, participated at the XIV young mathematical scientists conference from July 16 until July 21, 2018, which was held in Tsey village near Vladikavkaz, Russia. He gave there two talks regarding his recent works plus a plenary talk about a general concept in mathematics which was useful for wide audiences.

More precisely, titles of his talks are as follows.

1. Unbounded convergence and the related operators.

2. Unbounded convergences in Banach lattices.

3. Banach lattices, a brief survey.

during the conference, he visited Professor A. G. Kusraev, a distinguished mathematician in the field of Functional Analysis. Beside this visit, he gave a talk about his recent research ideas at the department of mathematics, University of North Ossetia.

He had two interviews with some national TV programs about research lines in mathematics and how they can make young undergraduate students interested in math.