University of Sistan and Baluchestan

تاریخ: 09 October 2018

Ms. Raziea Behabadi the Ph.D

The public defense of doctoral dissertation by Ms. Raziea Behabadi the Ph.D. candidate of Language and Literature  with the title of"the Analysis of Biographies in Qajar era"was held on June 2018 in Conference Hall of Literature and Humanities Faculty of Sistan and Baluachestan University.

This dissertation was supervised by Dr. Abbas Nikbakht and advised by Dr.Maryam Shabanzadeh. The dissertation was examined by Dr.Mahmoodi, the internal examiners of the dissertation were Dr.Maryam khalili , Dr. Abdolali Oveisi and Dr. Abdollah Vaseghabasi .

This dissertation was accepted with honors .