University of Sistan and Baluchestan

تاریخ: 09 October 2018

Ms Seyyede Nazanin Rahnemoon the Ph.D

The public defense of doctoral dissertation by Ms Seyyeded Nazanin Rahnemoon the Ph.D. candidate general linguistics with the title of"A corpus- based Contrastive Study of Thematic Structure and Progression in Persian Non- Translated and Translated News texs from English in to Persian "was held onMarch,6th 2018 in Conference Hall of Literature and Humanities Faculty of Sistan and Baluachestan University.

This dissertation was supervised by Dr. Abbasali Ahangar and advised by Dr. Esmaeel Nourmohammadi . The dissertation was examined by Dr. Rahman Sahragard using webinar.In addition, the internal examiners of the dissertation were Dr.Pakzad Yusefian, Dr. Yahya Kekhaie and Dr. Seyyed farid Khalifehloo .

This dissertation was accepted with honors .