University of Sistan and Baluchestan

تاریخ: 10 May 2022

Sistan and Baluchestan University is among the thousand influential universities in the world and 27 influential universities in Iran

Universities were ranked for the first time in 2019 by the Times International Rating System based on their impact on various levels of industry, finance, innovation, etc. worldwide. The TIMES system evaluates universities based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are 17 items used by the Times for this ranking. These goals include the following:
1: No poverty 2: No hunger 3: Health and well-being for the people 4: Quality of education 5: Gender equality 6: Access to safe water 7: Affordable and clean energy 8: Good employment and economic growth 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure 10 Reducing Inequality 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities 12: Responsible Production and Consumption 13: Performance on Climate Control 14: Underwater Life 15: Living on Earth 16: Peace, Justice and Power 17: Participating in the realization of development goals.
Sistan and Baluchestan University has been participated in this ranking since 2020 due to its trans-regional academic activities and its impact on poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship, close cooperation with industry, environmental organizations, cultural heritage, and cooperation with Iran's eastern neighbors, Afghanistan, And Pakistan, provide scholarships for Afghan international students and help raise public awareness by creating active technology and innovation parks, and encourage students and alumni to develop startup ideas and fully support them until they enter the job market And distribution; To be ranked among the top universities in the world in three consecutive years 2020, 2021 and 2022 among the most influential universities in the world.
According to the official report of the TIMES Institute, which has been published in the official Iranian news, Mehr agencies, in 2022, out of more than 2000 public, free, private and medical universities, only 27 universities are on the list of influential universities in the world. The University of Sistan and Baluchestan continues to maintain its position in this ranking.
It should be noted that the scientific and practical activities of Sistan and Baluchestan University during the fighting against Corona, despite the increasing presence of world-class universities in the TIMES list, this university is still on the list of influential universities in the world. According to educational and research standards, it has been able to be ranked in other TIMES rankings, including young universities and universities around the world.
Find Full report ranking of the world universities in 2022 on the TIMES Institute website: