Department of Archeology

This department was established in 1998 to train experts in studies related to ancestors,their culture,beliefs and traditions. Presently,there are 70 day-class students and 5 evening-class students at the B.A level and 25 day-class students and 5 evening-class student at the M.A.level.

The Department offers courses in the following majors:

     1. B.A. for Archeology
     2. M.A. for Archeology  

The faculty members of department rank as follows:
Assistant Professor:4
Instructors:7.All of them are Doctoral Program students.
one of the Faculty members does the scholarship.
Presently,the head of this Department is Dr.Saremi Naieni,ph.D.

Table program and majores:

Rows Program/Major Level Total Credits
1 Archeology B.A. 137
2 Archeology M.A 33